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Two new paintings…hitting eBay tonight!

Is that a new painting by Brian? Why yes, Yes it is! Here is a lil glimpse of one of the new paintings Ill be posting up on eBay and here at the site. I have two new paintings Im gonna post later on tonight. Keep them eyes peeled if you might be interested in bidding. Bidding always starts low to keep it fun. Anyhow, feels good to post up something new…more to come folks! Stay tuned….


New painting up on eBay!

Got a new painting up on eBay right now. This one I titled as “Love Me?”.  This one is of one of my favorite characters, the skull bunny. The painting is all acrylic, signed and dated, on wood. Its set as a five-day auction and opening bid is just 6 bucks!  Check out the auction here on eBay….I also listed a few older paintings as well. Peace out!

UPDATE: Painting has been sold. Thanks for everyone who made a bid. Ill have a few more paintings on eBay shortly.

New painting up on eBay- NOW

Lonesome- 9×12 – Acrylic on Wood

Got a new painting up on eBay right now. Its set as a five-day auction and opening bid is just 9 bucks! I know its been a looooooooooooong time since I’ve painted anything, but, after exorcising a few demons I feel I’m back to picking up my brushes again. I know this is just a simple painting but, it felt great to be painting again. I’m definitely motivated once again to produce more work. I really feel like I’m back up on the horse and ready to create. I’m also working on two other paintings right now that will also be sold only on eBay. I might be doing an upcoming show in L.A. sometime around November as well. Feels good to get back to what I love. Check out the auction here on eBay….I also listed a few older paintings as well. Peace out!

UPDATE: Painting has been sold. Thanks for everyone who made a bid. Ill have a few more paintings on eBay shortly.

Night Owl

I’ve been screwing around with this idea for the past few months. I have drawn several versions of what I’m called the night owls. Just a new character to add to the list of critters I’ve come up with. I’m really liking it and I’m gonna be doing a series of these over the next couple weeks. This is the first owl I actually painted on canvas, all the others have been sketches or done up with art markers. I may be posting up a few smaller ones on eBay later next week. Peace out!

Night Owl -  11×14  -  Acrylic on Canvas  -  Signed & Dated  -   60.00 ( 120.00 once in a gallery). If your interested let me know. The 60.00 price tag will only be around till the end of August. After that its off to a gallery with a higher price tag. Gotta cover those commissions.

Malice in Wonderland Prints

I have had many requests to make some prints of the work I did for Malice in Wonderland and have been really dragging my feet at getting it done. Well, I finally got them printed, beautified and loaded up for orders. Im only featuring 5 out of the 8 paintings I did. If for some reason you wanted a print other than the 5 I did, just let me know and I can swing it. Checke them out. There only 25.00, super quality, and look great! No cheap ass prints here folks. These are archival quality. Check out the prints here!

323 East, MILK Gallery, eBay,& Pinkghost

323 East- Michigan

Whoa, its been a bit since I posted up anything new at the ol’ site here. I’ve had so much happen since the Malice in Wonderland show. Heres a few highlights. I am getting some work out-of-town and not just out-of-town but, back to my home town in Michigan! I will now be a regularly featured artist at Gallery 323 East. 323 East is a cutting edge gallery located up in Michigan. The crazy thing about this gallery is that it’s about 2 miles from my childhood home. I’m very excited to get some of my work up to Michigan and its even cooler thats it’s so close to my old neighborhood that I grew up in! I’m really happy to be a part of the gallery and to set up a regular place to show my work out-of-town. Not just some one time show! Also keep them eyes peeled in Jacksonvilles local Folio Weekly Magazine too. I have a upcomming interview that I will be conducting on 4-22. Not sure when it will be ran in Folio Weekly but, I’ll keep ya posted. I will be showing some new works on May 19th at MILK Gallery  in New York for a group show hosted by the lovely folks at Stoked Mentoring. The show will be a part of a fundraising event to help raise much-needed funds for the killer programs Stoked Mentoring provides(Think X Games meets Big Brothers and Sisters).Last but not least, I will be a part of another group art show at Pinkghost, in Hollywood FL, called “Book It” on June 19th. All the art work at the Pinkghost show will be done on book covers! I’m sure it will be a unique show with some mad talented folks on board. I should also have some new pieces here in Jax at Avondale Art Works for the first Friday Art Show on May 7th and I will be setting up some eBay auctions for some smaller pieces any day now. So, as you can see…I’m super busy…as usual. Im moving and shakin all over the place latley…full steam ahead!


Where to Find Me

Currently I am not participating in any art galleries. Untill I get back up to speed I most likey will not be a "regular" at any galleries for a little while. Thing may change but, I have killed myself time and time again trying to keep up with the demands of art shows and art galleries and Im trying to limit myself to that sort of thing so I can produce better quality work vs just a big quanity of work to fill up wall space. Im sure this will change here in 2012 but, Im being very picky about what I will and wont do.

Best bet is to stay in touch with me is through my website! Join my email subscription so ya dont miss out on what I have up and coming or find me on facebook.
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Taking a break from art shows, deadlines, and galleries for a bit.

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