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Two new paintings…hitting eBay tonight!

Is that a new painting by Brian? Why yes, Yes it is! Here is a lil glimpse of one of the new paintings Ill be posting up on eBay and here at the site. I have two new paintings Im gonna post later on tonight. Keep them eyes peeled if you might be interested in bidding. Bidding always starts low to keep it fun. Anyhow, feels good to post up something new…more to come folks! Stay tuned….


SOLD- Queen of Hearts

What up folks. Just sold one of my pieces from the Malice in Wonderland series yesterday. Big ups to Joseph S. out in California for making the purchase via checking me out on the web. Thanks for the love Joseph! Your piece is on its way. Makes me glad to see that the website is really helping me get my work out there to folks outside of Jax who may not know who I am. 2011 will be all about me expanding into new areas with my work. I am scheduled to start showing in a couple places(shows) in L.A. in the beginning of next year…stay tuned on that deal. Will be nice getting some work back out to L.A. next year for a couple shows. Also starting early next year I will be sending out some more exclusive work to Gallery 323 East in Royal Oaks Michigan (Stay tuned on this one too). 2010 has been a good year but, 2011 is going to see a lot more effort by me in my quest for world domination! LOL!

New work on eBay – Five days only!

Whats up everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I was busy with painting and sculpting out a custom vinyl toy. Rose Art has created some customizable, blank, vinyl, figures very similar to Kidrobots Dunny and Munny DIY characters. This was a lot of fun! The dude has a pumpkin head so I decided to take out my exacto blade and gave the pumpkin a hand carved face. The figure is really cool and really easy to work with, I named the piece “Tricks & Treats”, he’s all hand carved, hand painted, and even wears a purple cloak. I plan on doing more figures very soon! I also have my “Night Owl” painting up for grabs as well! Heres a description of the Night Owl piece: This is an original painting/art piece by Brian Gray. It is one of a kind and not a reproduction of any sort. This is for the 100% original custom design by me. This piece is done on high quality gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides. The painting has all ready been wired and is ready to be hung. The painting was inspired by my child hood fear of owls. Sounds crazy huh? Well, when I lived in MI we used to camp a lot. I made up a story to my brother about an owl that would hoot at night to warn people he was on the prowl and he would be looking to take people’s souls. I told him it was an old ancient owl that the Indians used to worship. I told him the it used to lead the souls of dead Indians to the after life but, after all the Indians were run off, the owl started coming after the living and would attack those who entered the old Indian grounds. Scared him, scared me, and the rest is history.

Night Owl-11x14- Acrylic on Canvas

The bidding prices are starting off low. My “tricks or treats” figure is just 10.00 and the “night owl” painting is just 50.00. Here is the link to the auction. Thanks for checking it out!

Brian Gray on eBay


New Art & The BP Oil Disaster

New work posted up! All my latest work is inspired by the horrible plight that sea life is having to endure because of the BP oil spill. These new pieces will be on display at Avondale Artworks(Jax,FL) for the month of July. Opening reception(drinks, snacks, good times) is Friday night, 7/2, from 6-9pm. I did these paintings to help raise fund for a bird and sea life rescue out in the FL panhandle. These folk have been working around the clock cleaning oil soaked birds and sea life since day one of the spill. I figured I would use my skill to help raise some much-needed funds! All proceeds will be donated to help buy supplies and cleaning products to help these poor animals out. Prints will be coming soon too!!! Thanks for the support and check out this months showing at Avondale Artworks! If interestd in a pre-show purchase just email me at – All pieces are priced from 75.00-120.00- For details on each piece(dimesions, medium,etc) visit my “recent works” tab on the site here.Thanks


Folio Weekly Interview- Drawn to the Weird

Click the pic to view article

Click the pic to view article

Look who is the featured artist in this weeks Folio Weekly here in Jacksonville. Mr Brian Gray himself folks! This it truly one of the best damn interviews that I have ever taken part in. Kara Pound did an excellent job writing about me, my work, and some of my history as an artist. Get you copy asap before there gone or just click on the image above to read the article about yours truly. Thanks a bunch Kara for doing such a great job on the interview and thanks to Folio for publishing a nice piece about me and my work. Rock on!

Malice in Wonderland

Im super excited about the latest release of Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton is heading this one up and from what I can tell…its gonna be awesome. I have always loved everything about the world of Wonderland. The queen, the card knights, Alice, the mad hatter, and just the magic found in Wonderland. It seems pretty fitting for my style of art work. I have decided to work on a series of paintings inspired by Alice and the world of Wonderland. I have already begun several sketches of the mad hatter, Alice, and the queens card knights. I will be working on getting this complete for a March showing at Avondale Artworks. Still need to sort out some details but, It’s on one way or another. I’ll post some sketches soon and some sneak peeks when I get things done. I really want to do several paintings, large and small, stuffed animals, and maybe even some sick t-shirt designs. I want this to be a lot of fun and offer up some killer work. The release for the Tim Burton version of Alice will be in March so I figured its fitting to have an opening at the beginning of March. Gives me plenty of time to get it done too. Keep them eyes peeled…this is gonna be fun!


Where to Find Me

Currently I am not participating in any art galleries. Untill I get back up to speed I most likey will not be a "regular" at any galleries for a little while. Thing may change but, I have killed myself time and time again trying to keep up with the demands of art shows and art galleries and Im trying to limit myself to that sort of thing so I can produce better quality work vs just a big quanity of work to fill up wall space. Im sure this will change here in 2012 but, Im being very picky about what I will and wont do.

Best bet is to stay in touch with me is through my website! Join my email subscription so ya dont miss out on what I have up and coming or find me on facebook.
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Taking a break from art shows, deadlines, and galleries for a bit.

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