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Beards and Brushes- Sneak a Peek

Just a quick lil peek of what I cooked up for the “Beards and Brushes Show” that’s going down at Bogda Gallery this Saturday night in Jacksonville FL. I have prices listed for each piece once ya click on the images above. The prices are pretty reasonable…60.00-160.00 is not to shabby. I had a chance to go behind the scenes at Bogda and the work that has been turned in so far looks great. A lot of imagination went into this and I expect the show to look great once all of our work is on display. In case you have no clue where Bogda is located, Bogda Gallery is at 1253 McDuff Ave S., the show will have its opening celebration on 09/05 from 6-11pm. Come out to Bogda this Saturday and show some love for facial hair. If you are interested in one of my paintings prior to the show just drop me a line( ¬†and we can arrange for the sale during opening night at Bogda. Big thanks to Joy at Bogda for usage of her gallery and a big thanks to Sean Collins for coming up with this whole thing and getting the artists together. See you there peeps! For more info visit


Where to Find Me

Currently I am not participating in any art galleries. Untill I get back up to speed I most likey will not be a "regular" at any galleries for a little while. Thing may change but, I have killed myself time and time again trying to keep up with the demands of art shows and art galleries and Im trying to limit myself to that sort of thing so I can produce better quality work vs just a big quanity of work to fill up wall space. Im sure this will change here in 2012 but, Im being very picky about what I will and wont do.

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Taking a break from art shows, deadlines, and galleries for a bit.

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