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SOLD- Queen of Hearts

What up folks. Just sold one of my pieces from the Malice in Wonderland series yesterday. Big ups to Joseph S. out in California for making the purchase via checking me out on the web. Thanks for the love Joseph! Your piece is on its way. Makes me glad to see that the website is really helping me get my work out there to folks outside of Jax who may not know who I am. 2011 will be all about me expanding into new areas with my work. I am scheduled to start showing in a couple places(shows) in L.A. in the beginning of next year…stay tuned on that deal. Will be nice getting some work back out to L.A. next year for a couple shows. Also starting early next year I will be sending out some more exclusive work to Gallery 323 East in Royal Oaks Michigan (Stay tuned on this one too). 2010 has been a good year but, 2011 is going to see a lot more effort by me in my quest for world domination! LOL!

Malice in Wonderland- This Friday!

This time has finally come. I have been working on this show for the past two months and am very pleased with the work I’ve done. I will be featuring 8 brand spanking new paintings inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland @ Avondale Artworks during the month of April. The opening reception is on Friday(tomorrow) 4/2 from 6-9pm. The owner, Ken, at the gallery is also going to let people order high quality canvas print giclees for just 150.00 per canvas. This is the first time I have had such a killer option for people to buy a less expensive version of my work. The giclees that Ken creates are awesome and of the highest quality and I’m really happy to have this as a viable option for my paintings. I personally want to thank Ken Stutes at Avondale Artworks for allowing me the freedom to pull this series off and display my work in his gallery. Nothing is better that having the full support of the gallery that you display your work in. It’s very nice to work with someone like Ken who truly appreciates what I do and has faith in my work. I’m looking forward to the show and hope to see you all there! Ill be posting pics of the work after Friday so keep them eyes peeled.


Where to Find Me

Currently I am not participating in any art galleries. Untill I get back up to speed I most likey will not be a "regular" at any galleries for a little while. Thing may change but, I have killed myself time and time again trying to keep up with the demands of art shows and art galleries and Im trying to limit myself to that sort of thing so I can produce better quality work vs just a big quanity of work to fill up wall space. Im sure this will change here in 2012 but, Im being very picky about what I will and wont do.

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Taking a break from art shows, deadlines, and galleries for a bit.

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